420 Carat Feminized Seeds

420 Carat Feminized Seeds


420 Carat Feminized Seeds are pure gold among the cannabis strains like her name gives away. This special strain produces massive buds and high yields that will not leave you disappointed. 420 Carat Feminized is a gorgeous plant that gives you a spacey high and stoned feeling at the same time. So hold on to your head when smoking her up.

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420 Carat Feminized Seeds

As suggested by the name, 420 Carat Feminized marijuana strain is pure gold among the different strains of marijuana available these days. It is a special strain which grows high yields with massive buds which will surely satisfy any grower. It grows into a beautiful plant which can produce buds that can give you an interesting combination of a stoned and high feeling.

420 Carat Strain Features

Flowering : 9 to 10 weeks
Type : 65% Indica 35% Sativa
Climate :
Stoned : Spacey high
Yield : 550g/sq.meter (indoor), 900g/sq.meter (outdoor)
THC level :
 up to 23% 
Height :
 up to 100 cm (indoor) | up to 200 cm (outdoor) 
Grow :

This strain is an interesting mix of Chronic Weed and the popular White Widow strains. White Widow, as the mother plant, is popular because of its white, clear crystals. As it is combined with Chronic Weed that is very uplifting and potent, it results to the creation of a plant that comes with gorgeous yellow and purple leaves.

420 Carat Feminized Seeds Online

This powerful combination produces not just high yields, but also a strain that is very powerful when it comes to pain relief. It is the role of the Chronic Weed to help in forming a huge single cola that improves the yields. It also has a bit of a spicy taste which will have you feeling floating and spaced out. As such, this strain is not good if you are planning to be productive while feeling the high.

When it comes to taste, the combination of the two parent strains produce a woody, earthy, and sweet touch, which can be recognized easily as you light it up. It also produces an aftertaste that is both spicy and creamy at the same time. For this very reason, a lot of marijuana fanatics, and even newbies decide to try this strain because of this amazing taste.

420 Carat Feminized is created by passionate marijuana growers who are known for cultivating nothing but the best seeds which come as a combination of high quality parent strains. With the decision to use White Widow in the mix, together with Chronic Weed, the resulting strain has become one that has consistently gained popularity day by day.

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