AbsoluteXtracts Pineapple Afghani Cartridges

AbsoluteXtracts Pineapple Afghani Cartridges


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AbsoluteXtracts Pineapple Afghani Cartridges

Raw Garden vape cartridges are quality products filled with premium live resin. Their products can be found almost anywhere in California’s cannabis market. Here we review a couple of their strains. These turned out to be some of the best cartridges in California.


  • High quality live resin
  • Available in any big or small cannabis club or delivery service
  • Affordable

    Raw Garden vape cartridges use quality oil, great hardware, and are priced well

    Raw Garden vape cartridges are one of the most affordable, high quality live resin carts in California’s cannabis market. Their concentrates are extracted from quality flowers grown by experienced farmers in Santa Barbara County.

    The strains used for this review are Cherry Pop and Raspberry White. We could not find any detailed info on the Raspberry White strain, but it might be a cross between Raspberry Kush and White Berry. Cherry Pop is a sativa and Raspberry White is an indica.

    AbsoluteXtracts Pineapple Afghani Cartridges

  • Even though their carts are not expensive, they did not go cheap on hardware. All Raw Garden carts use CCELL cartridges, particularly the TH2. These have a glass body and a ceramic mouthpiece. These give a good kick in the hit that most the clones just don’t match up to.

  • Raw Garden made a good choice going with CCELL, leaving us with nothing to complain about on hardware. We would like to see them come out with a syringe as well so we could test it out in different hardware. I bet this oil would also pair well with a SPRK cartridge.A benefit of the TH2 over other CCELL carts is you can refill it or dump the oil out easily. The plastic top CCELLs are very difficult to open, but these ceramic tops screw right off. If there is a hardware failure, although rare, the oil can be easily dumped out into another cart.

Whenever I go to a concert or other packed event, I get anxious. It’s not even that I worry about anything in particular, I’ve just had social anxiety for most of my life. The thought of being crammed tight against other people sends my mind spinning and holds me back from a lot of events that I’d otherwise really enjoy with my friends.

So when my roommates told me they were buying tickets to see my favorite band, I had to find a way to go.

I decided to pick up a vape cartridge for the show since the indoor venue doesn’t allow smoking. I only have a standard 510-threaded vape battery and wanted something that would put me in the right state of mind for the show: a balanced hybrid that doesn’t hit too hard or cause even more anxiety.

After consulting a cannabis concierge and local budtender, I chose the “relaxing but uplifting” Pineapple Afghani .5g cartridge by AbsoluteXtracts (ABX). This strain-specific CO2 vape oil is part of a special line produced in conjunction with Emerald Cup Concentrates, a NorCal-based brand like ABX known for their selected sun-grown strains.

Will the hybrid vape oil remedy my concert concerns and put me in party mode, or make me feel like I’m being trapped and trampled in a mosh pit? Almost showtime.

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