AiroPro Midnight Moon

AiroPro Midnight Moon


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AiroPro Midnight Moon

It all began, as so many great ideas do. Out of a genuine desire to improve on an existing paradigm.  Born out of a lackluster product vertical that seemed to care little for its consumers or their needs.  FlavRx sought to reinvent the way cannabis users consume their medicine through nothing more than hard work. Also and an honest dedication to three vital pillars: consistency, purity, and reliability. Their mission is simple – providing clean, pure medicine that is held to lab-quality standards to patients at a compassionate price.

AiroPro Midnight Moon

Furthermore FlavRx’s founders were long time medical marijuana patients who made the natural transition into the business side of an industry they cared deeply about.  In 2014, they attended a prominent marijuana event and left feeling disappointed after sampling nothing but poorly purged, mislabeled material that as high quality oil for vaporizers. It seemed that vendors were capitalizing on the opportunity to make a quick profit from a product that was rapidly becoming a household item, but in doing so, overlooking fundamental considerations like quality and transparency. Thus, FlavRx exploded onto the California medical marijuana scene.


Right from the start, the founders took a clear stance on what they wanted to change. It appeared that the vast majority of vaporizers were largely identical when it came to the hardware. But that wasn’t what concerned them. The most crucial part of the patient’s experience. So FlavRx dedicated themselves to focusing specifically on the core component that any vaping experience would be judged on. However in doing so, created a line of lab-tested, strain-specific, solventless, and delicious oils.

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