Alpha Extracts CO2 Extracted Oil

Alpha Extracts CO2 Extracted Oil


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Alpha Extracts CO2 Extracted Oil

CO₂ Hop Extract is prepared from hop pellets using carbon dioxide and contains the α-acids, β-acids and essential oils of hops. CO2 Hop Extract offers the brewer a concentrated hop product that can provide added efficiency and flexibility.

Alpha Extracts CO2 Extracted Oil Online

CO₂ Hop Extract retains the aroma and the bittering potential of the hops from which it is made. Compared to raw hops or hop pellets, the extracts represent a convenient and concentrated alternative. Since the brewing characteristics of the original hops are maintained, an early addition to the kettle imparts mainly bitterness while late addition will result in a carry-over of the volatile oils in beer.

All cans are BPA free.

    • Reduces spent hops load
    • Added efficiency and flexibility in the brewhouse
    • Ideal to impart a “base bitterness”
    • No labelling required
Analytical Data
  • Made From

    100% natural, made from hops

  • Packaging

    Ring pull can

  • Point of Use

    Semi fluid paste, to be dosed into the brew kettle

  • Shelf Life

    Up to 8 years if stored cold (0 – 5°C)

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