Flavrx Chocolate Bars


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Flavrx Chocolate Bars

FlavRx Chocolate Bars are what your taste buds have been craving when it comes to your cannabis edibles. These conveniently sectioned chocolate bars are split into eighteen (18) 10mg pieces which make each dose easy to identify and controllable dose every time. It allows you to medicate with the dose that you need. These easy to nom chocolate bars come in two different types of varieties so you can tailor your edibles to what you like.

The CBD FlavRx Chocolate bars come in at 180mg for an entire bar and contains a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1 (90mg CBD and 90mg THC per chocolate bar). Each individual piece is 10mg (5mg CBD and 5mg THC).

THC FlavRx Chocolate bars are 180mg of THC with each individual dose coming in at 10mg of THC.

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Variety of Flavors Available:


  • lemon white chocolate
  • butter toffee
  • mint cookie
  • sea salt dark chocolate


  • blueberry white chocolate
  • sea salt dark chocolate
  • mint cookie
  • tangerine dark chocolate
  • espresso chocolate
  • lemon white chocolate

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