London Poundcake Prerolls

London Poundcake Prerolls




London Poundcake Prerolls

London Poundcake #89, originally cultivated by NorCal’s Cookie Fam, provides a fresh breath of vanilla-infused air. Berner approved, the genetics utilized in this delicious mashup remains a proprietary secret. Best described as nature-inspired art, the strain’s diverse phenotypes produce a vibrant, refined, and incredibly dense flower.

Weight3.5 g
Cannabis Typeindica
Type of Productflower
StrainLondon Poundcake #89
THC %28.60%

Expertly crafted mid-sized joints packaged in a 6-pack pocket-sized box. Contains 3.5 grams packaged flowers.

London Poundcake Prerolls

Weight: 3.5 g
Cannabis Type: Hybrid
Type of Product: Pre Roll
Strain: London Poud cake Snowman Cookie Glue
THC Total: 490mg


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