Lowell Smokes 3.5g Packs

Lowell Smokes 3.5g Packs




Lowell Smokes 3.5g Packs

Lowell Smokes 3.5g Packs are California’s best selling pre-roll because they can be consumed easily and ethically. Each 3.5g or 7g pack of Smokes contains a seasonal blend of all-natural, organic cannabis strains, wrapped up in sleek, biodegradable packaging. Slip a pack in your pocket to share, or give the gift of cannabis to a friend. They’re perfect on a long road trip and they make great party favors too. The options are endless with Lowell Smokes!

For over 100 years, Lowell Smokes 3.5g Packs. has delivered premium California-grown cannabis from their farms to your hands. Their long history began when William “Bull” Lowell started to grow what was called Indian Hemp on his central coast farm, which led to the passing of the 1913 Poison Act, effectively outlawing cannabis in California. Bull believed that the benefits of cannabis should be enjoyed, so he continued to cultivate his beloved plant, and he was ultimately jailed in pursuit of his passion. Today, Lowell Herb Co. honors Bull’s memory by continuing “the tradition of growing cannabis naturally and with a deep love and respect for the plant.”

Lowell Smokes 3.5g Packs

Lowell Herb Co. Smokes are available in the following blends:

3.5g Smokes – The No Anxiety Sativa
Strains: 50% Chem Dawg, 50% Rattlesnake
Potency: 22% THC

3.5g Smokes – The Working Sativa
Strains: 50% Chem Special Reserve, 50% Supplication 47
Potency: 21% THC

3.5g Smokes – The Joyful Hybrid
Strains: 50% Orange Creamsicle, 50% Rude Boi OG
Potency: 17% THC 

3.5g Smokes – The Siesta Indica
Strains: 50% Royal Razzberry, 25% Kaotic OG, 25% Strong OG
Potency: 22% THC

7g Smokes – The Party Sativa
Strains: 75% Sour Patch Kids, 25% Rattle Snake SD
Potency: 18% THC

7g Smokes – The Passion Hybrid
Strains: 50% Orange Creamsicle, 50% GG4
Potency: 16% THC

7g Smokes – The Calming Indica
Strains: 50% OG Kush, 50% Blue Cookies
Potency: 15% THC


Each 3.5g (1/8oz) pack of Lowell Smokes contains 7 (0.5g) cannabis pre-rolls.

Each 7g (1/4oz) pack of Lowell Smokes contains 14 (0.5g) cannabis pre-rolls.


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