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Master Kush Marijuana Online


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Master Kush Marijuana Online

Master Kush Marijuana Online is a popular indica cross created out of two landrace strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region. to buy Master Kush online is bred by the Dutch White Label Seed.

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This strain’s main use is for relieving stress and anxiety. The strong, Indica-based effects are ideal for relaxing in the evening. But Master Kush is extremely effective in the treatment of insomnia. … Master Kush is bred by Nirvana and is a cross between a true Hindu Kush and a Skunk.

intage flavor. The taste of Master Kush is reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash.

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The THC count starts at 13 % and goes up to 25 % .
It has a higher CBD and CBN properties.

Master Kush Marijuana Online

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