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Purple Kush Marijuana Online

Purple Kush Marijuana Online by Kannabia is one of these Cannabis strains that will immediately catch the eye of the passionate cannabis grower. The plant displays wonderful shades of rich purples and greens when she grows making for a spectacular sight to behold. But it’s not only the appearance of Purple Kush which makes her stand out among others. Purple Kush brings more goodies to the table besides just looking great.

Kannabia’s cross between a Black Domina and a Purple Afghani brings us a 70% Indica dominant hybrid that is very easy to grow. With just some basic nutrients and water she’ll be thriving whether you grow her indoors or outdoors. Just make sure not to feed her too much and keep nutrients on the lighter side. In a reasonably short flowering time of 55-60 days, the plant will take on a beautiful purple tone and will grow some massive, very dense and super-resinous buds.

When you smoke Purple Kush Marijuana Online you can taste a pleasantly sweet aroma with herbal notes. This plant is high in THC and delivers a powerful classic Indica high that is super relaxing and calming without knocking you off your feet. She can be an ideal smoke for chilling, watching movies and stress relief.

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Purple Kush by Kannabia is an all-around fantastic cannabis strain that doesn’t really have any flaws. Just try her out and taste this first-class Indica – you won’t be disappointed!

Genetics75% indica – 25% sativa
ParentsBlack Domina x Purple Kush
Flowering Time55-60 days
Yield (Indoor)500 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor)800 g/plant
Height (Outdoor)180-200cm
Harvest Time (Outdoor)October
Available asFeminized seeds

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