Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie


Sour Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular East Coast Sour Diesel X Tangie strains. Like its parent strains, this bud is most infamous for its insanely mouthwatering flavor. Sour Tangie has a smell of pungent sour citrus that has an earthy diesel bouquet as the bud is smoked. buy medical marijuana online





  • THC 17.19%
  • CBD 14.13%
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Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie is a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and a male Tangie. It is a tall plant, 80% sativa, with very good yield potential. There are two main phenos, one more like the Sour Diesel and the other leaning towards the Tangie.

Vigorous in vegetative growth this is a strain that stretches into the fourth week of flowering which takes a total of 9 – 10 weeks to be complete. It’s difficult to know which is more amazing, its fabulous terpene profile or the amount of sparkling resin crystals that coat the buds which grow long and dense.

This is an ultra-relaxing strain which will put a smile on anyone’s face.


Breeder/BrandDNA Genetics
GeneticsECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel) x Tangie
VarietyMostly Sativa
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Yield500-600 gr/m2
GrowsIndoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time63 – 70 days
Taste / FlavourDiesel, Lemon, Sour
EffectHappy, Relaxing, Uplifting
Awards1st. Buenos Aires Cup, Argentina, 2017;

Sour Tangie has 80% Sativa genetics and will finish its flowering period after 9-10 weeks. Yields of up to 500-600g/m² can be expected, depending on the growing method and conditions. Growers will find two main phenotypes, one leaning towards Sour Diesel, and one that has the pronounced flavour of Tangie. Vegetative growth is rapid, and vertical stretching can be expected well into the 4th week. Crystal production is nothing to scoff at and will take place on a large scale.

Sour Tangie Online

The terpene profile of Sour Tangie is something most smokers will admire, and the smell of Sour Tangie is incredible. Flavours are a complex blend of old school influences coming from Sour Diesel, paired with aromas of the contemporary and revived version of Tangerine Dream. Tangerine Dream was preserved by a buddy of Reserva Privada, Crockett 420, and luckily found its way back into the modern cannabis world. Aromas of citrus and tangerine are the purest delight to find in a bud, that’s for sure.

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